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The world-famous sports brand DADA SUPREME held a press conference on Nov. 2ed, 2014, with the lead of new CEO Daniel Jiang, announcing to be back into the sports market.

In the past 20 years, DADA has been innovative, trying to break the traditional frameworks. With the spirit of the brand “Break it.”, DADA wants to break everyone’s imagination of sports, and trying to make the coolest combination of sports and street fashion. Especially after the CEO Daniel Jiang joined, DADA decided to reconstruct the sports market with more connection with basketball. At the same time, Daniel Jiang has a deep digital background which will strongly leads DADA to the Internet future.

The first step of coming back for DADA is the deep cooperation with the number one basketball social community, Da Village. To be deeper into the basketball market and social media, they are going to develop a whole new model. Eric Hsu, the founder of Da Village, said, “Da Village is moving toward China already, and being partner with DADA at this moment is definitely a big help. Also, I can say it confidently that Da Village would certainly help DADA a lot on the development of social media. So I hope we can work together and create a whole different sports brand with street fashion.

Tracing back to the beginning of DADA and basketball, the famous basketball player Sprewell in PBA was once the spokesman of DADA. Meanwhile, a lot of NBA retired players joined the All-Star game, such as Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, Penny Hardaway.

In 2015, DADA has embarked on a new journey, making effort to build O2O marketing model, and rebuild the energy and characteristic of the brand by multilateral cooperation. The CEO, Daniel Jiang, “The return of DADA is a chance and also a challenge for us, we have to fight it in a different way.”

the return of the king dada supreme is ready 02

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