DADA proudly announces its partnership with Taiwan’s most prominent 3v3 league DV33!

This year, DADA SUPREME sponsors Taiwan’s most popular 3 on 3 league, DV33. By sponsoring two oversea teams to participate in similar formats, it’s looking forward to create more exciting competitions. DADA had selected 5 players each from Beijing and Shanghai, all representing DADA SUPREME, to battle their way towards the top in Taiwan.

partnership with taiwan s most prominent 3v3 league dv33 05partnership with taiwan s most prominent 3v3 league dv33 01

Through 7 days of fierce competition, both the Beijing and Shanghai teams successfully secured their places on the final day of “King of the Streets” event. Although Shanghai team got through the playoffs with a zero loss record, they were defeated by Beijing team in the final 4 round. Lasting through severe exhaustion and injuries, Beijing team missed winning the championship by a sliver of 1 point.

Beijing team captain 王錚said, “We were very excited to represent DADA to compete in Taiwan, as well as having the chance to witness non-professional players of this high caliber. If we have the opportunity of returning next year, we are confident to take the win.”

Shanghai team’s guard 良超 also commented, “Taiwan’s players performed very well, we really enjoyed this competition. Really appreciate DADA for giving us the opportunity to come to Taiwan to test our skills!”

Even though neither the Beijing nor the Shanghai team took down the championship, they received 3 top individuals performance award. Shanghai team’s 諶開 received the best defense award, while Beijing team’s 殷智勇and 宋睿 received top honors for assist and rebound, respectively.

partnership with taiwan s most prominent 3v3 league dv33 02partnership with taiwan s most prominent 3v3 league dv33 03partnership with taiwan s most prominent 3v3 league dv33 04

With the sponsorship by DADA, Taiwan’s 4th season of DV33 was the most exciting and successful up to date. DADA has always been attentive to these types of events. Perhaps next year it will not be only players from Beijing and Shanghai, but more great teams from other regions to participate in different basketball events!.

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